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πŸ‘” I'm a manager. How do I use FaultFixers?
πŸ‘” I'm a manager. How do I use FaultFixers?

Audience: FaultFixers Managers. How to make the most of the software if you have a Manager role

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The first step is getting familiar with FaultFixers. You can use Faultfixers through FaultFixers Web, FaultFixers Teams App, & FaultFixers Reporter App.

To make the most of FaultFixers if you have a Manager role:

1. Track issues being raised

  • Make sure your staff is reporting issues through the Reporter App.Β 

  • Do you have your QR codes distributed across your sites? That's the first step to getting the Reporter App up and running so that your staff can simply scan a QR code to raise an issue. These QR codes have usually been set up by your account administrator. Contact them if you're not sure where to find them.

2. Manage Reactive Tickets

  • Follow the progress and status of issues raised by navigating to the 'Reactive Tickets' tab on FaultFixers web.

Find out more about Reactive Tickets here.

3. Manage recurring tasks (PPMs)

  • You'll want to stay on top of your PPMs and be able to create reports. Staying on top of planned preventative maintenance tasks is one of the biggest use cases for the FaultFixers customer base. You can keep track of completed PPM Occurrences by going to FaultFixers Web and checking the PPM Tasks tab to see the progress.

  • Make sure to support your maintenance team by assigning them PPMs so they can complete forms related to the Occurrences. Remember they will need to be using their My Jobs section on the FaultFixers Teams App.Β 

Find out more about PPMs here as well as how to generate reports.

If you need more help, you can always get in touch with us at

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