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πŸ” Can I duplicate PPMs?
πŸ” Can I duplicate PPMs?

Audience: FaultFixers Admins, Managers. How to clone PPM Tasks.

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Duplicating PPMs in FaultFixers Web allows you to efficiently transfer a series of Master PPMs to another building. Follow these steps to duplicate a PPM:

1. Start by logging into your FaultFixers Web account.

1. Head over to PPM Tasks.

2. Click on the specific PPM that you want to clone. Click on 'Duplicate'.

3. Change the location to the new building where the duplicated PPM should take place.

4. Change the ownership to the person who needs to own this new PPM.

5. Take a moment to review the schedule of the PPM. You may need to modify the start date if you want to avoid any occurrences from appearing in the past. Don't forget to click 'Save & Finish' when you are done.

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