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Audience: FaultFixers Admins, Managers. How to use filters to manage all information associated with them on FaultFixers Web.

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Reactive Tickets is the system FaultFixers uses to raise, track, and manage issues. When a user reports an issue, a Reactive Ticket is created on FaultFixers.Β 

You can personalise your FaultFixers "Reactive Tickets" list so that it shows the information that is more relevant to you. To make the most of the data, you can use the following:

1. Leverage the Right-Click functionality

Feel free to use Right-Click on the Reactive Ticket list to export the ticket list, or open several tickets on different tabs on your desktop, as shown below.

2. Customise your date range

Once on your "Reactive Tickets" page, filter the date by going to the top, right-hand corner. You can select a specific date range by choosing from the drop-down options and selecting 'Custom Range'.

Be aware that clicking "All Time" might cause the page to load slowly, if the Ticket volume is very high.

3. Select Reactive Ticket status

On the top left of the page, you can choose to view by Ticket status 'Open' to see those tickets that are New or are in progress, or 'Closed' to see those that have already been completed.

4. Organise the columns

You can choose how the FaultFixers information is displayed.Β 

  • Add columns by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines, and taking your pick from the list, as shown below.

  • Reorganise columns easily by dragging and dropping them in the order you'd like.

5. Select your filters

The funnel-shaped icon appearing at the top of the list allows you to filter information for each of the columns.Β If you are not seeing the data you need, check you have all the right fields selected.

Screenshot 2022-08-08 at 11.39.39-1

6. Create quick filters

Personalise your ticket list by leveraging the quick filter functionality. Have a look at this article for more information.

If you need more help, you can always get in touch with us at support@faultfixers.com.

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