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πŸ” What Are PPMs & How To Create/Manage Them
πŸ” What Are PPMs & How To Create/Manage Them

Audience: FaultFixers Admins, Managers. How to navigate PPMs & Occurrences.

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❓What are PPMs?

PPMs, or Planned Preventative Maintenance tasks, are regular maintenance jobs that help keep your facilities running smoothly. They're important for making sure everything works well and for meeting compliance and reporting requirements.

✍ How to Create PPMs:

Go to the menu on the left side of FaultFixers Web.

  1. Click the blue "New" button to start creating a PPM.

  2. Follow the steps to assign the PPM to a specific building, location, and user.

  3. Set the schedule for how often the task should happen, like weekly.

✍ Navigating the PPM Task List:

You can filter PPMs using the funnel icon and rearrange columns by dragging them. You can also export the list by right-clicking and selecting "CSV Export."

πŸ€·β€β™‚ How To Duplicate PPMs:

Find the PPM you want to duplicate on the FaultFixers dashboard. You can find your PPMs under the PPM Tasks tab on the left hand side of the Dashboard, alternatively you can click this link - which will take you straight there.

Open up the PPM you'd like to duplicate and click on the "duplicate" button.

Once opened you'll see the usual "Create recurring PPM" page, but the details will already be inputted.

If you'd like to assign this duplicate PPM to a new building, click the building that's already assigned and it'll let you select another one.

Follow the steps, or just click Save & Finish if there is nothing else to update.

This will help you roll out PPMs in a quicker & more efficient manner.

πŸ’¬ Tips:

  • To modify the building, click on the building box highlighted above.

  • Ensure to update the assignees accordingly.

  • Make sure to adjust the due dates and schedule as needed. Specifically, edit the start date to avoid creating older or historical dates.

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