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πŸ’» How to set up the new FaultFixers Reporter App
πŸ’» How to set up the new FaultFixers Reporter App

Audience: FaultFixers Admins. How to get your account ready so your reporters can start raising issues.

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The New FaultFixers Reporter App is out!Β πŸ₯³ This article will guide you on what to do to get started.

Guidance for Admins

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Step 1

How to roll out the FaultFixers Reporter App:

Step 2

Share the instructions with your staff. Does your staff manage their own devices?

A. Yes, they are responsible for their own tablets/mobiles:

B. No, devices are managed centrally:

If you need further support after you've read the FaultFixers Reporter App instructions, have a look below:

Step 1: How to roll out the FaultFixers Reporter App

1. Login with your Admin profile to FaultFixers Web.

2. Make sure you have Locations set up within Buildings.

3. Navigate to Buildings. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find theΒ QR codes associated with them as shown below:

4. Share the QR codes with your Building Managers. Make sure the QR codes are placed in visible areas of your site. This will help your reporters scan them to raise issues. Alternatively, you can also use the text code that appears below the QR.

Step 2: Share the instructions with your staff

Staff will be able to report issues both from a browser or a mobile device. You can share instructions A or B (at the top of this article) directly with them depending on whether or not they manage their own devices:

A. Staff is responsible for their own devices: for example, teachers visiting a school and using their mobile phones to scan a QR code.

B. Tablets/mobiles are managed centrally: for example, tablets placed within a care home for staff to use. In this case, you'll need the support of your IT team and they will need to install the Reporter App on the devices and scan the Building QR code for each site.

Users will be able to introduce their name, email, and phone number, and get updates on the progress of the Ticket if they want to.

If you need more help, you can always get in touch with us at

Happy Days! πŸ˜€

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