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πŸ“± Reporting Maintenance Issues On A Mobile?
πŸ“± Reporting Maintenance Issues On A Mobile?

Audience: FaultFixers Reporters. Simple instructions for users to know how they can quickly raise tickets with FaultFixers

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Step 1: Download Reporter App

Step 2: Enable Permissions

πŸ” Grant permissions for camera access, allowing the app to scan QR codes as well as location access, which allows us to speed up the reporting process.

Step 3: Scan Building QR Code

🏒 Scan the Building, Location or Asset QR Code using your device's camera. Alternatively, enter a text code if provided.

Step 4: Reporting

πŸ“ πŸ“Έ Select issue type & take a photo of the issue

After you've reported your first fault, you'll be able to select the building without the need for scanning the QR code or entering the code manually.

Step 5: Provide Additional Information

ℹ️ Once you've specified the location and issue type, provide additional details related to the reported issue. This includes a brief description, relevant images & videos, and any extra information that can help address the issue effectively.

Step 6: Review & Submit

βœ… Before submitting your report, review the information for accuracy.

Once satisfied, click 'Submit'.

πŸš€ Once your report is submitted, the ticket is instantly sent to the designated maintenance team.

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