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πŸ” How to use quick filters
πŸ” How to use quick filters

Audience: FaultFixers Admins, Managers. How to use filters to generate custom reports

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You can personalise your Ticket list and generate quick access to selective Reactives by customising your filters. In FaultFixers Web:

1. Head over to the Reactive Tickets list or your My Jobs page

2. Choose your filter

Start by typing your desired list selection on the search bar of the column of your choice, for example in this case, we are selecting all tickets under "Cleaning" category. You filter by more than one column.

3. Name your filter

Click on the Icon that appears. Give your filter a name, and save it.

4. Find your filter under "Quick Filters"

You can now find this filter on the Funnel icon on the top right of the Reactive Tickets section, under Quick Filters.

With the Quick Filters functionality, you can now generate your own reports for quick access. Have a look at the video below for more details:

Quick Filters

5. Add your filter as favorite

You can pin your new custom view by clicking on the 3 vertical dots and clicking on 'favorite':

This action will make the filter appear on the left-hand side column right under 'Reactive Tickets'.

You can also click 'unfavourite' if you want it removed from the left-hand side menu, or click 'Remove' to delete the filter completely.

If you need more help, you can always get in touch with us at

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