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Reporting an Issue with FaultFixers is really simple. You will only need to scan the QR code of your site to begin creating a ticket. An issue can also simply be raised directly by scanning the Building QR code on a camera of a mobile device.

Issues can be raised through:

1. The FaultFixers Reporter App (for users who don't need any access to the main system)

2. FaultFixers Web

3. The FaultFixers Teams App

1. Raising issues through the Reporter App

Download the App

Download the FaultFixers Reporter App on Android or Apple devices OR simply navigate to reporter.faultfixers.com on any computer browser to raise issues.

You will see a Permission window. Allow notification, camera, and location access, as shown below.

Introduce your code

To report an issue, scan the QR code (or introduce the text-based code) for your site. This step will only be needed once. The App will remember your previous locations the next time you report.

Start reporting

Once you've introduced the code, follow the steps, as seen below. Make sure to add photos or any media necessary. Introduce your name and details.

Select 'notify me with updates' to keep track of the progress of your tickets.

Once you report the fault, it is immediately sent to the correct maintenance team.

2. FaultFixers Web

FaultFixers teams users can raise issues directly on FaultFixers Web. From your desktop, simply login to your FaultFixers system and go to 'Reactive Tickets'.

To report a new ticket, select 'New+' and our report a ticket wizard will pop up and guide you through each step.

Screenshot 2022-08-08 at 13.37.15

3. Teams App

FaultFixers teams users can also raise issues through the Teams App by clicking on the + button in the right bottom corner.

If you need more help, you can always get in touch with us at support@faultfixers.com.

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