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Tags are QR codes that can be used to quickly identify Buildings, Locations, and Assets.

QRs are automatically created for Buildings and Locations. You can find them in FaultFixers Web by going to Buildings (or Locations) > Select a Building or Location > scroll to the bottom to find the QR.

To create QR codes for Assets, follow these steps:

How Assign tags to Assets

1. Begin by creating your Assets in FaultFixers Web.

2. Navigate to Tags.

3. Select β€˜Get More Tags’.

4. Choose the number of Tags you need for your Assets (e.g., 10 or any desired quantity).

4. Once you have created these Unassigned Tags as shown in the video above, you can print them & stick them to the Assets.

5. Open the FaultFixers Teams App and go to β€˜Scan Tag’ to assign the QR to the Asset.

6. Click 'Assign to Activate' > 'Assign to Asset' You can find more information about Asset Tagging in this article.

If you need more help, you can always get in touch with us at support@faultfixers.com.

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