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🏷️ Asset Tagging With QR Codes
🏷️ Asset Tagging With QR Codes
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Step 1: How To Create Asset Tags (QR Codes)

Before deploying Asset Tags, ensure your assets and asset register are populated. To add an asset, simply log into the dashboard and click on the assets tab.

πŸ’» Click add asset and assign the asset to a Building or Location, input an asset name as well as the status.

Step 2: How to Assign & Activate Asset Tags

Follow these steps to assign you Asset Tags:

  • Using the FaultFixers Teams App, click the 'Scan a Tag' button

  • Scan the QR Code

  • Assign To An Asset Activate

  • πŸ‘ That's it, you're Asset Tag is activated.

β›” What happens if my Asset Tag is already assigned to another asset (or Location/Building Tag)?

When you scan an Asset Tag, it may have already been assigned/linked to another asset.

This means that this Asset Tag/QR code is a duplicate - it's printed already and in-user elsewhere across your business (it could be another Asset, or a Location or Building Tag)

If this happens, you have several option:

Un-assign the Asset Tag ready and reassign

  • When you Scan Tag > click "un-assign", and then follow the "How to Assign Asset Tags" steps above to reassign the Asset Tag to the desired asset.

  • β›” This WILL result in the previously assigned Tag (which could have been an Asset Tag, or Building/Location reporter Tag becoming unassigned and no longer working.

  • If you're unsure of what this will cause or need further support, please reach out to us and we'll be happy to provide some helpful guidance.

Discard this Asset Tag + use another Asset Tag (Recommended)

  • We recommend discarding this Asset Tag and using another Asset Tag.

  • This is because this Asset Tag has already been printed by you and is a duplicate.

​Need Assistance?

If you require further assistance or have additional questions,

don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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